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Riskiest Assumption Take a look at (RAT): Why It’s a Higher Framing Than Minimal Viable Product (MVP) | by Akash Mukherjee | Dec, 2022


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In the product administration universe, the concept of MVP has been popularized and socialized a fantastic deal. The intent behind this has all the time been noble. Nonetheless, organizations usually fall into the entice of utilizing MVP as an excuse to maintain constructing minimal merchandise & options. Prospects don’t spend $$ on minimal merchandise & experiences.

Right here’s why RAT is bigger than MVP by way of creating extra readability & lowering confusion:

MVP tends to use the lens of “lowering scope.” How can we trim the scope a lot that we are able to launch one thing in every week or two? MVP can suggest MINIMUM scope.

RAT, then again, focuses on “lowering the danger” of an early-stage thought. How can we stack-rank all our unknowns & uncertainties and discover & get rid of the RISKIEST ones?

MVP pondering usually applies the lens of “what’s simple to construct” as a substitute of “what’ll clients pay for.” Consequently, MVP turns into extra of an engineering dialogue than a holistic enterprise alternative evaluation.

RAT emphasizes that we should always launch with essentially the most QUESTIONABLE options reasonably than the easiest-to-build ones.

Lastly, (and sadly) MVP is commonly interchangeably used as a “v1 launch”. It’s too supply focussed, and it nearly assumes that we are going to preserve launching fast-follow variations and that there aren’t any possibilities of rolling it again and discarding the entire thought altogether.

RAT stresses the truth that it’s a assortment of TESTs and never a “product” till we all know that it needs to be a product. RAT doesn’t assume this can be a roadmap merchandise that’s been dedicated. MVP does.

As acknowledged by Marty Cagan, product groups ought to TEST usability threat, worth threat, enterprise viability threat, and feasibility threat. RAT offers us the readability and framing to do precisely that earlier than committing it to a roadmap.

In case your objective is to promote a Tesla, validating your market with a skateboard received’t assist. Testing the riskiest assumptions in regards to the enterprise mannequin and feasibility will.

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