Prime Causes Why Moissanite is the Excellent Various to Diamonds

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For hundreds of years, diamonds have reigned supreme because the gemstone of selection for engagement rings and beautiful jewelry. Nonetheless, a stunning contender has emerged lately – moissanite. As a naturally occurring gemstone, moissanite is gaining important recognition as an alternative choice to diamonds, providing many advantages. This text will talk about the highest 5 explanation why a moissanite ring has turn into the right selection for these searching for an reasonably priced, eco-friendly, and enticing different to conventional diamond rings.

Moissanite is extra reasonably priced than diamonds.

One of the vital important benefits of moissanite is its affordability. Whereas diamonds can price hundreds of {dollars} per carat, moissanite is usually priced at a fraction of the associated fee. This implies you will get a bigger, extra impressive-looking stone to your cash.

However although moissanite is inexpensive, it nonetheless must be of upper high quality. Moissanite is commonly thought-about superior to diamonds in brilliance and hearth (extra later). So for those who’re on the lookout for a shocking engagement ring that will not break the financial institution, moissanite is a wonderful selection.

Moissanite is environmentally pleasant.

Diamond mining is notoriously damaging to the setting. It entails the elimination of huge quantities of earth and rock, which may trigger erosion and habitat destruction. Moreover, diamond mining can pollute water sources and disrupt ecosystems.

Moissanite, alternatively, is a way more eco-friendly selection. It’s lab-created, that means it does not require mining or extraction. The manufacturing course of additionally makes use of fewer sources and produces much less waste than diamond mining. So for those who’re on the lookout for a socially accountable and environmentally pleasant gemstone, moissanite is a superb selection.

Moissanite has superior brilliance and hearth.

Moissanite has a better refractive index than diamonds, reflecting extra gentle, brilliance, and hearth. Moissanite is understood for its spectacular hearth, the place the stone breaks down gentle into spectral colors. Due to its excessive refractive index, moissanite additionally tends to have extra noticeable sparkle and shine than diamonds. 

Moissanite is sort of as onerous as diamonds.

Diamonds are recognized for his or her unimaginable hardness, which makes them sturdy and proof against scratches and chips. However moissanite can also be a tricky gemstone, with a ranking of 9.27 on the Mohs scale (in comparison with diamonds, which have a ranking of 10).

Because of this moissanite is extremely proof against scratches and chips and is appropriate for on a regular basis put on. Moreover, moissanite is much less brittle than diamonds, making it much less more likely to break or chip whether it is hit or dropped.

Moissanite is offered in a variety of sizes and styles.

Lastly, moissanite is offered in lots of sizes and styles, so you could find the right stone to fit your style and price range. Whether or not you favor a basic spherical form or one thing extra distinctive like a pear or marquise, a moissanite stone is there for you.

Moreover, moissanite is offered in numerous colors, together with colourless, near-colourless, and fancy colors like pink and inexperienced. This implies you possibly can select a moissanite stone that matches your model and preferences.


Whereas diamonds have lengthy been the normal selection for engagement rings and high-quality jewelry, a moissanite ring presents a compelling different for a number of causes. Its affordability, environmental friendliness, superior brilliance and hearth, sturdiness, and wide selection of choices make it enticing for these searching for a shocking gemstone with out breaking the financial institution. In the end, the choice between moissanite and diamonds will rely on particular person preferences, values, and price range. No matter selection, each gems provide magnificence and allure to adorn particular events and rejoice love.

Creator Title: Ellen Hollington