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“I’m Interviewing With AI Corporations. How Do I Know If They Have an Moral North Star?”

Received a Chilly E mail Asking This Query. Right here’s How I Answered

a steel robotic holding a scales of justice statue, digital artwork [DALL-E]

“I used to be questioning when you’ve got any frameworks or ideas on learn how to distinguish founders / startups which have an moral north star vs those that don’t.”

Right here was my response. How might this framework be improved?

powerful query! in rising areas, there’s all the time a certain quantity of disagreement/and so on you’re going to need to combat by way of — simply because folks have variations of opinion or are mad at you doesn’t essentially imply you’re appearing unethically. I’ve heard folks say that OpenAI ought to have gotten approval from college lecturers earlier than they launched Chat!!
so perhaps there’s one thing like a 3 tier system so that you can contemplate

1. Do i feel the founders share my values, are good folks, and so on

2. Do i feel the product/expertise being labored on is a internet constructive for society and can we work to establish/mitigate/scale back the damaging externalities which happen. How will we measure this?

3. Do i feel this firm is being in-built a manner the place ethics are (i) screened for in our hiring, (ii) emphasised in our studying and growth, and (iii) open for dialogue in our ongoing suggestions strategies (1:1s, firm surveys, all arms, and so on)

that’s simply off the cuff ¯_(ツ)_/¯



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