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Grammar Woman’s AP model ideas and methods

Man is shown writing.

Don’t get too comfy along with your Related Press Stylebook.

It is rather a lot a dwelling doc and is topic to alter.

“Editors solicit a number of suggestions from specialists of their particular industries,” Mignon Fogarty of the Fast and Soiled Ideas Podcast Community,” mentioned throughout her latest webinar with Ragan. “They wish to get it proper and it’s essential to them that the entries are correct.”

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Listed here are latest adjustments and different fascinating insights Fogarty highlighted from the stylebook about hyphens, dashes, quotations and dates, in addition to perception into advanced and ever-evolving points like race and gender.


Maintain it easy in terms of hyphens.

Fogarty mentioned they need to be used for ranges and scores, i.e., Sept. 1-3 and the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Boston Celtics 122-112. As well as, she mentioned compound modifiers needs to be hyphenated once they come earlier than a noun: (i.e., a second-rate play, long-term care, well-known care, well-known actor).

Double- and triple letter compounds must also be hyphenated (i.e., anti-intellectual and shell-like).


Fogarty mentioned the foundations are clearer in terms of dashes.

“On the whole, you employ dashes when commas and parentheses aren’t sufficient,” she mentioned. Fogarty additionally mentioned dashes ought to have areas round them and can be utilized to set off a collection that accommodates commas.

As well as, she mentioned dashes ought to have areas round them and can be utilized to set off a collection that accommodates commas.


Fogarty mentioned AP model has emphasised not utilizing broad generalizations and labels in terms of somebody’s race and ethnicity.

“They’re only one a part of an individual’s id,” she mentioned, including that the stylebook calls to respect folks’s most well-liked decisions on race.

Fogarty additionally shared that the stylebook cautions about use of the phrase “group,” as in “the Black group,” because it’s a homogenizing phrase that may point out everybody thinks alike when that might not be the case.

She additionally shared that race ought to solely be used when it’s related to the story.

As well as, “Black or white” shouldn’t be used as singular nouns, however plurals are acceptable.


Like with race, Fogarty mentioned the stylebook calls to respect folks’s gender. As well as, “LGBTQ” is greatest as an adjective and an umbrella time period. As an illustration, the time period shouldn’t be used when the group you’re referring to is restricted to bisexuals.

Fogarty additionally suggests avoiding utilizing “most well-liked” or “chosen” pronouns, however as a substitute saying “his pronouns are” or “they use the pronouns.”


Dates might be complicated for writers, particularly with abbreviations.

“Abbreviate the long-month names when writing particular dates,” Fogarty mentioned. ”At all times write the (total) month title when merely referring to a month.”As well as, don’t embody the 12 months if you’re referring to the present 12 months. Embody the 12 months if you’re referring to a previous or future 12 months.


The stylebook is laying out clearer tips on when to make use of emojis in quotes.

Fogarty additionally mentioned emojis can be utilized in quotations, however they are often paraphrased when wanted.

She mentioned to make certain to grasp the definition of the emojis you employ earlier than utilizing them in your writing.

“Photos have context,” Fogarty mentioned. “When you don’t know what they’re, you might be conveying one thing that you just don’t imply.”

As at all times, Fogarty mentioned she encourages customers to verify Webster’s New World School Dictionary when the stylebook rule is unclear.

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