200% ROI “staking yield farm” Ponzi

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StakeBNB gives no data on its web site about who owns or runs the corporate.

StakeBNB’s web site area (“stakebnb.io”), was initially registered in June 2021.

The non-public registration was final up to date on November twenty third, 2021.

Site visitors to StakeBNB’s web site picked up in early January 2022. Alexa presently ranks Togo as the one notable supply of site visitors (30%).

As all the time, if an MLM firm just isn’t brazenly upfront about who’s working or owns it, suppose lengthy and onerous about becoming a member of and/or handing over any cash.

StakeBNB’s Merchandise

StakeBNB has no retailable services or products.

Associates are solely in a position to market StakeBNB affiliate membership itself.

StakeBNB’s Compensation Plan

StakeBNB associates make investments binance coin (BNB), on the promise of as much as 1.25% a day.

StakeBNB provides ten BNB funding tiers:

  • 0.1 BNB
  • 0.25 BNB
  • 0.5 BNB
  • 1 BNB
  • 2.5 BNB
  • 5 BNB
  • 10 BNB
  • 25 BNB
  • 50 BNB
  • 100 BNB

StakeBNB funding plans are capped at 200%. StakeBNB associates may pay a price to obtain an accelerated ROI price.

The MLM aspect of StakeBNB pays on funds invested by recruited associates.

Referral Commissions

StakeBNB pays referral commissions by way of a unilevel compensation construction.

A unilevel compensation construction locations an affiliate on the high of a unilevel group, with each personally recruited affiliate positioned straight beneath them (stage 1):

If any stage 1 associates recruit new associates, they’re positioned on stage 2 of the unique affiliate’s unilevel group.

If any stage 2 associates recruit new associates, they’re positioned on stage 3 and so forth and so forth down a theoretical infinite variety of ranges.

StakeBNB caps payable unilevel group ranges at 5.

Referral commissions are paid out as a proportion of funds invested throughout these 5 ranges as follows:

  • stage 1 (personally recruited associates) – 5%
  • stage 2 – 3%
  • stage 3 – 2%
  • stage 4 – 1%
  • stage 5 – 0.5%

Withdrawal Commissions

StakeBNB pays withdrawal commissions utilizing the identical five-level group unilevel sturcutre referral commissions are paid via.

  • ranges 1 to three – 1%
  • ranges 4 and 5 – 0.5%

Withdrawal commissions are paid as a proportion of withdrawals made by unilevel group associates.

Farm Enhance

StakeBNB units aspect 25% of company-wide invested funds for the Farm Enhance.

The Farm Enhance is cut up between qualifying associates each week.

To qualify for the Farm Bonus, a StakeBNB affiliate should have at the least 10 BNB actively invested. They have to even have paid for a ROI increase (price not disclosed).

Becoming a member of StakeBNB

StakeBNB affiliate membership is free.

Full participation within the hooked up revenue alternative requires an lively 0.1 to 100 BNB funding.

StakeBNB Conclusion

StakeBNB claims it generates returns via a

refined, algorithmic system to generate hourly farming rewards on staked BNB belongings.

This crypto bro converse for “we’re working a Ponzi scheme”.

Supporting that is StakeBNB failing to supply any proof of exterior income technology. Add to this StakeBNB being run by nameless scammers, in addition to securities fraud.

Regardless of clearly advertising a passive funding alternative, StakeBNB fails to supply proof it has registered with monetary regulators in any jurisdiction.

The one verifiable income getting into StakeBNB is new funding.

Utilizing new funding to pay associates a 200% ROI makes StakeBNB a Ponzi scheme.

As with all MLM Ponzi schemes, as soon as affiliate recruitment dries up so too will new funding.

This can starve StakeBNB of ROI income, ultimately prompting a collapse.

The mathematics behind Ponzi schemes ensures that once they collapse, nearly all of contributors lose cash.