Tirsana Budhathoki- Hot & Sexy model

Tirsana Budhathoki, who has always been tagged as “hot & sexy model” by the mass media, already has many men in the US go weak in the knees. She has currently been in the limelight around the globe. Her smokey hot videos have set the social media such as Youtube, Facebook and Twitter on fire.

Born and raised in Salyankot, Dhading, Tirsana is residing in the US at the moment. Her acting and performing arts have been well received with praises by her fans. Her recent performances during the greatest festivals of the Nepalese, Dashain and Tihar astonished thousands. While some have criticized her for wearing short clothes on her videos, she has received equal, if not more admiration for donning typical Nepali attire in her several stage shows and music videos too. She has surprised everyone with her live and other videos on Youtube and Facebook.

You can follow her official Facebook account and subscribe her Youtube channel to be awestruck in days to come. Tirsana, who has appeared in approximately three hundred music videos, five movies and lent voice to some 15 songs, is now eyeing to setting a world record with an undisclosed and creative idea. Stay tuned folks!



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